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Publised By : GoEasyPos   March 26, 2018

In this advance and digital world, many recent technological developments over the years have helped businesses to grow to keep up with the accelerated pace of business. One area of business enterprise, but more specifically in the retail industry, has benefited from these developments. Pos (point of sale) technology have been widely used in the retail industry. A Point of sale is a place where a business transaction and operations occur. This is more commonly known and seen as the electronic terminal in stores and outlets, which processes transactions & issues receipts.

A modern Point of Sale Software helps a business by giving them an advantage when it comes to business, productivity, & profitability.

Using a modern pos software allows the staffs to simply scan the barcode of the products. This gives the employees more opportunity to be certain that the customer is satisfied with their shopping experience. The Point of Sale Software system takes care of completing the transactions as well and you can effortlessly perform your business operations.

Another innovation this modern point of sale systems have come with integrated marketing capabilities. These software systems are able to collect personal customer information & produce meaningful customer behavioral analyses that can assist a business come up with marketing promotions & incentives such as loyalty points, gift cards, and discounts for regular customers and new ones.

So if you’re a retail business owner and looking for a way to improve the capabilities & profitability of your business, then come with GoEasyPos Software without wasting your valuable time, effort and money!

The key Features of GoEasyPos Software are:

Stock Management

Sales Management

Employee Management

Floor Management for Food Court Businesses!

Complete Inventory Management

GST Ready Point of Sale Software


Cloud-Based POS Software

Multi-Location Chain Stores

Works Online | Offline Both Way

Easily Count Offer and Scheme

Gift-Cards Receive Payments

Close Database

Loyalty Points Management


Batch Management

Balance Sheet


Best Payment Gateway

Intuitive Dashboard

Supports All Hardware

Data Security

100% Up-Time Guaranteed on Offline Mode

Theft Control

Accept All Payment Modes!

Track Your Store on your Mobile [GoEasy Mobile POS APP]

Use our Seller or Report Android and iOS Application

So, use this innovative Point of Sale Software to Sell Online – InStore & On the Go! This modern Pos software also integrated with Omni Channel platform! So sell more – Get more and make more with GoEasyPos software.

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