GoEasyPos Launches “GoEasySmart” – A Tablet and ipad Application For Smart Retailers!

Publised By : GoEasyPos   May 30, 2018

GoEasyPos today announced the launch of its Tablet and ipad application “GoEasySmart”. GoEasySmart is designed and developed to ring your sale at ease, track hot sellers, understand what gets sold, insight on sales, make your menu digital, easily manage offer discounts & much more.

GoEasySmart Powered by GoEasyPos, offering best retail solution to semi retailers and it launched for ipad/Tablet both . This application will truly take your retail store to the next level.

This amazing application assists you easily manage order taking & collection process by synchronizing order data real-time, means this amazing app helps you capture ‘those orders’ that you might have missed otherwise!

Apart from streamlining your order management, this application also assists you on the collection front through features ranging from receipts creation to getting real-time authorization on the elevated ones from the main office.

Drive your retail & distribution sales more effectively with advance GoEasySmart application. This amazing application is accessible anytime and anywhere, supported on ipad/Tablet, can be integrated with our merchants and vendors.

We hope you like GoEasySmart and its advanced features. If you have any feedback, please let us know on – Facebook | Twitter | Plus Google | LinkedIn or send us a message @ [email protected]

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